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64 bit Software Development and Migration

EffectiveSoft company helps to leverage all benefits of 64 bit platform by creating new 64 bit programs and by adapting existing applications to this platform.
We create compelling solutions, optimized for 64 bit technology, what allows you to derive maximum performance from your computers.

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Services we offer:

  • Development of 64-bit applications for Windows Vista, Apple’s Mac OS X, Solaris 10
  • Developing custom 64-bit software
  • 64 bit porting services
  • Migration applications to 64 bit platform
  • Optimization of existing solutions for the 64 bit platforms
  • 32-bit .NET applications migration to 64-bit C#, Managed C++
  • Developing 64-bit .NET Framework applications
  • Platform Migration, technology and data migration
  • 64 bit application testing
  • Support and maintenance services

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Services we offer:

We build enterprise-class applications for 64-bit version of Windows by taking advantages of Windows API and Intel Itanium platform and make the process of migration from the 32-bit version of Operating Systems to the 64-bit version smooth and easy.

Take advantages of 64 application development services by EffectveSoft:

  • High performance of 64-bit applications
  • There is no limitation of 4 GB of Ram in 64-bit systems
  • 64-bit OS processes large files better than 34-bit
  • Smooth and painless migration of existing applications to 64-bit platform
  • With a 64-bit system a program takes three times less available physical memory in relative units
  • Hight performance server application development
  • Affordable costs for software development and migration