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DotNetNuke Use Case

EffectiveSoft developed a website for a hotel.

  "We wanted to start from a simple website with a few standard modules and then gradually add new features and information. Therefore, the website CMS had to have a user-friendly interface and possibility to add new modules without applying to webmasters."
 Martin Evans, Hotel Director

Main Requirements
  • The website should be easy to host and administer ;
  • New pages could be easily added and edited by a person with no programming skills;
  • There must be an online booking form available;
  • The website must work smoothly;
  • The website must be cost-effective, i.e. open source modules must be used wherever it is possible to reduce the budget.

EffectiveSoft project manager offered to create a DotNetNuke-based website. A great advantage of DNN is that the site administrators do not need special training to manage the site content. They can easily:

  • Add text, links, and images
  • Change design and customize site appearance
  • Add and remove pre-installed modules
  • Assign member access permissions
  • Submit the website to search engines and send bulk emails

The customer appreciated the intuitive interface of the content management system and the practical value of the pre-installed modules, such as: Forum, Feedback form, Events, FAQs, Search etc...

Alongside with open source free DNN modules, some new exclusive modules were developed by EffectiveSoft DotNetNuke programmers.

Project components
  • Our DNN programmers timely and professionally developed a module that made online booking and payment possible.
  • EffectiveSoft designers created a new attractive design and integrated it into the website.
  • The quality assurance team tested the site smooth functioning.

The website was developed at a comparatively low price. It perfectly fitted in a sparing budget. The website was later enriched by new modules that the site administrators downloaded from Internet free of charge.

  "We liked the simplicity of content management system. Any module or skin can be integrated by our administrator in no time! We don’t even need to spend money on technical support. The community of DNN developers is always at hand to help us out. We also appreciated the appropriate design made by EffectiveSoft. It is logical, attractive and easy to navigate. Truly speaking, the website exceeded our expectations!"
 Martin Evans, Hotel Director

The new professionally made and timely updated website now attracts much more customers, which significantly contributes to the hotel business.