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SugarCRM Development Services

EffectiveSoft provides SugarCRM development services. SugarCRM will help you to organize your business processes and make your company more profitable and successful and better adapted to the competitive business environment.

What is SugarCRM?
Contact Us SugarCRM is one of the major providers of commercial open source customer relationship management software for companies of all sizes. At the moment hundreds of companies throughout the world enjoy the benefits of SugarCRM modules on stream.
Sugar CRM has proved itself is a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications. These are the main reasons why many businessmen and enterprisers have chosen Sugar CRM integration:
  • Compatibility with any company regardless its size and structure
  • Easy customization due to open source architecture
  • Smooth integration of new modules and applications
  • Low implementation cost
  • Timely professional support
  • Easy access to the system from Internet
SugarCRM integration does not require a high-priced basic operating system comparing to other CRMs based on Microsoft. Sugar CRM utilizes GNU/Linux, Web-server Apache, MySQL and PHP interpreter (LAMP).

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Basic SugarCRM modules
SugarCRM consists of a few basic modules that can be customized and adopted to business peculiarities. These SugarCRM modules cover most essential business processes:
  • Sales management.
  • Marketing activity management
  • Customer service management
  • Analytical reports
  • Settings and administration
  • Team work
EffectiveSoft and Sugar CRM
EffectiveSoft has a wide experience of adapting the SugarCRM system to various business environments. We are specialized in SugarCRM customization to the needs and requirements of our customer’s business peculiarities. We have customized Sugar CRM for
  • Leads and sales tracking systems
  • Investments and financial analysis
  • Pay per view and pay per click
  • Forex Exchange
  • Payment gateway support sub-system
  • Billing system support and analysis
  • Call center
In each project we carry out an intensive analysis of the customer’s requirements to see whether SugarCRM system can meet all the requirements. According to the results of this analysis we create a specification that is further used by our programmers in work process. In some cases a decision to implement a new Sugar CRM module is made after the system has been launched. In such a situation our developers quickly react to new requests of the customer and in short time expand or modify the system. We also provide reliable SugarCRM support when the system is already in use.