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Agile Case Study

Agile methodology can be applied to nearly any software project. It is especially beneficial for the projects the structure and features of which are changing during the process of development. One of the projects that were successfully implemented with Agile project management methods was Link Stock solution.

A large medical company was using the link exchange method while promoting their website. A special team of SEO specialists was searching the Internet for relative websites to exchange links with. The link base grew and needed close attention as each link had to be checked for validity on a regular basis. This check was manually done by the team members. At some point the marketing manager realized that the process of posting and checking the links could be optimized.


The company marketing manager suggested creating a special solution that would stock the links and check them regularly. The company decided to order the software development services at EffectiveSoft. As the requirements to the project were not completely formed from the start EffectiveSoft project manager chose to work on Agile methods: after a certain period of time the customer was presented the project sprint-release.  The customer in his turn presented their new requirements and ideas. The following Agile principles were observed while working at the project:

  • Face-to-face communication was preferred to written documentation
  • The team was located in the same office to provide better daily cooperation
  • The customer took an active part in developing process
  • Mutual trust and respect to opinions between the developers and the client was present

The first version of the Link Stock solution was ready to use in a short time. More features and functionality were added with each next iteration. The final solution allowed

  • Merging all the old bases into one new base
  • Automatic check of the link validity
  • Providing different access levels
  • Optimizing work process