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Automated software testing services

EffectiveSoft possess an original know-how technology which reduces test implementation time. Usually automated tests are implemented on the developed software product, but our technology allows performing more than half of work before the first release appears in QA. Thus, we create automated tests two times faster and they can be used instead of manual tests, thereby decreasing the entire cost of testing.

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Test automation services 

Selection of tests for automation in EffectiveSoft company is based on the detailed ROI analysis. We assist in choosing the most appropriate test automation tools and technologies for every project.

Our test automation services are:

  • Test architecture design
  • Test implementation
  • Maintenance of test code
  • Refactoring of test code (making it more efficient, scalable, and maintainable)

Techniques and tools we adopt:

  • Functional automated test design, implementation, maintenance of existing tests (QTP, SilkTest, TestComplete, Selenium, and other)
  • Performance test automation (SilkPerformer, LoadRunner, TestComplete and many more)
  • Load test automation (SilkPerformer, LoadRunner, TestComplete and other)
  • Concurrent test automation (SilkPerformer, LoadRunner, TestComplete and other)
  • Reliability test automation

Competitive advantages for customers 

Due to proficient approach to automated software testing, EffectiveSoft Company helps customers to derive benefit from automated testing services:

  • Test automation allows to dramatically reduce the cost of regression testing
  • EffectiveSoft’s top-notch test automation technology proves to be effective in having saving since the very first shots of functional testing.
  • We learned how to create automated tests quickly enough to get the benefit from their use during the first execution of tests on a new functionality.
  • We could run 50% of our tests as automated without the need to execute them manually. In our studying it helps to increase effectiveness of automated tests by about 20-30%.
  • We save up to 40% of the time of testers doing manual testing.