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Mobile software development for Bada platform

EffectiveSoft is among the first mobile development companies to occupy Bada development niche and to start Bada application development services. Mobile programmers of EffectiveSoft make use of recently released Samsung Bada development tools ( Bada SDK and IDE) and create feature-rich innovative applications and projects for Bada smartphone platform.

To confirm our skills we are pleased to provide you with our mobile software development portfolio and customer references.

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Bada application development by EffectiveSoft:
Bada mobile development

We are ready to create various applications for mobile devices running Samsung Bada OS:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Games development for Bada OS
  • Navigation Software
  • Business application
  • Social networking Bada applications
  • Content publishing applications
  • Location Bada solutions building
  • Device synchronization applications and many more

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Why you need Bada development?

Bada (what means Ocean in Korean), a new Smartphone platform, released in December, 2009 by South Korean mobile phone provider Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd with rich functionality and great opportunities for mobile developers. Bada is user-interactive (based on revolutionary TouchWiz User Interface), service-oriented, open and configurable platform, it is provided with web control, motion sensing, flash control. Bada platform enables EffectiveSoft developers to create sensor-based and context-aware applications with enhanced user interactivity.