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Microsoft .Net development

EffectiveSoft’s .Net developers are skilled in creating applications using such technologies as ASP .NET, Managed C++, Windows Forms, C#, VB .NET, J#, VB.NET, Mobile Toolkit and many others to provide high professional and cost-effective services to our clients.
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EffectiveSoft .Net development expertise:

.Net application development process is performed in EffectiveSoft with such technologies and tools as ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Win Forms, Web Forms, Web Services and others. To ensure professional level of services, software developers apply the latest .Net technologies on every stage of project design and implementation. EffectiveSoft expertise covers the following .Net programming services:

  • Web portals and web sites creating using .Net Framework
  • Desktop applications based on ASP. NET (various XML Web Services)
  • Migration of desktop and Web applications to .Net
  • .Net applications design, refactoring and customization
  • Custom ASP.Net development and outsourcing
  • .Net system design and custom control development
  • Microsoft .Net systems development and implementation
  • CRM systems development on NET
  • Complex .Net programming for mobile devices
  • .Net consulting, support and software research
  • QA services for .Net applications

Some words about Microsoft .Net framework:

The Microsoft .NET Framework is well known as a technology created by Microsoft Company and embedded in some Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is available in Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and can be easily installed on the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 OS and Windows Vista, .Net framework can be found on Windows Mobile platforms such as Smart phones.

Advantages of EffectiveSoft .Net development services:

  • Reasonable costs of .Net programming and outsourcing
  • We reduce software development time greatly
  • Experienced Microsoft Professionals are involved in development process
  • .Net developers and system analysts with deep knowledge of technology
  • Quick response to customers' requirements
  • EffectiveSoft Dot Net developers help to avoid pitfalls and to increase customer's profits