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Embedded Systems Programming and Hardware Design

EffectiveSoft offers embedded software programming and hardware design services, including prior embedded application offshore consulting and follow-up support. Our embedded systems programmers have accomplished a number of projects, which are diverse in their complexity.

Depending on the project nature, we can assemble a dedicated team of offshore embedded software developers, including:

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  • Hardware designers
  • Embedded software programmers
  • Software developers

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Embedded system development stages
  At this stage, we conduct research on subject of project feasibility taking into account market conditions and technical capabilities of the future product.
  At this stage we detail product functionality, data format, architecture, etc. While every minor part of the embedded software/hardware project gets settled, we still remain open to new requests and suggestions from the customer's side.
Engineering Design
  This stage involves both hardware designers and embedded software programmers. Via successful cooperation, we jointly analyze manufacturing requirements, requirements to product durability, resources to be used, design and functionality, etc.
  A prototype lets the customer have a first look at the product, its features and functionality and therefore make a first evaluation. The prototype is fully tested for proper functioning to ensure it is ready to be incorporated in actual design and development.
Compliance Testing
  This stage includes the embedded system safety testing, immunity to electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic radiation emissions. Once this phase is complete, the product can be certified. Additional testing may be required of the final product.
Preparation for Manufacture
  The first iteration is a trial to define any remaining electronic design or software development problems. After a successful trial manufacturing run the product is ready for planned production.
Product Support
  Once the product has been launched on the market, there will be a requirement for product support. We provide the respective technical personnel with all the necessary instructions and end-user guides.

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Technologies and systems
Embedded hardware development technologies:
  • Portable, low power instrumentation design
  • RF Wireless system design
  • DSP algorithm development and programming
  • Embedded microprocessor system design
  • C/C++ , VHDL, and assembly language programming
  • Digital design including CPLD and FPGA device programming
  • Mixed signal design (analog and digital)
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Atmel AVR series microcontrollers
  • TI DSP microcontrollers
  • Based on 8051 core (INTEL, DALLAS, ATMEL, etc.) microcontrollers
  • Microchip RISC microcontrollers
  • M16C Renesas microcontrollers
Programming logic:
  • Xilinx FPGA and CPLD
  • Altera FPGA and CPLD
  • CAN, LIN, RS232, PCI, ISA, PC-104, USB, RS485, I2C, SPI, IEEE 1284, IEEE 1384
Embedded software development technologies:
  • OS-based embedded programming (QNX, xBSD , Linux, Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded operation systems, PalmOS)
  • OS-based real-time programming (QNX)
  • TI digital signal processors
  • Object-oriented architecture and design
  • System programming
Programming languages:
  • ANSI C (Watcom C, GNU C)
  • C++ (Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Watcom C/C++, GNU C/C++)
  • C#
Hardware platforms:
  • x86 industrial computers (PC-104, PCM and so on), Palm, Pocket PC, PowerPC
Hardware interfaces:
  • RS-232, RS-485, IEEE 1284, ISA, PC-104, PCI, Compact PCI, USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Operation systems:
  • DOS, Windows 9x-XP, QNX 4.23- 6.3.0, Linux, FreeBSD, Palm OS, Windows Mobile