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Engineering consulting services

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EffectiveSoft team provides wide range of consulting services. Business annalists and consulting engineers are skilled in technical consulting and market research; we offer the analyses of information base development to help our customers in their projects, our engineers assist in complex technical problems solving, they discover solutions of the most non-obvious tasks with minimum resources and costs.

We focus on implementation and deploying of IT systems to make them correspond to business requirements.

Our engineering consulting services include:
  • Solving of complicated technical tasks
  • Solid technical expertise of IT systems
  • Planning and design of customer's project
  • Our consulting engineers offer budgeting and cost estimates
  • Development, evaluation and detailed analyses of products and systems

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Competitive advantages:
  • Brainstorming of problem and solving of complicated issues by our technical consultants and consulting engineers for finding the most appropriate business solutions.
  • Application of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) as a structured methodology to problem solving with high efficiency
  • Team of comprehensive consultant professionals is involved into consulting research to provide solutions within a short period of time for our partners, evaluating of costs, profitability and productivity of the partner’s internet business.
  • Narrowing of search area and investigating the alternative ways of problem solving to bring more advantages to current projects.
  • Offshore outsourcing research of EffectiveSoft allows to reduce the project cost and to minimize the risks of new technologies implementation.