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EffectiveSoft Birthday

Every year EffectiveSoft organizes corporate parties for the employees. One of the most significant among them is the company birthday party.

On June 30, 2007 EffectiveSoft celebrated its birthday for the fourth time. The company members had a discussion and decided that the best variant would be to arrange an open air party on the Osrtov Lyubvi (“Love Island”) near Minsk.

The party was a real fun and enjoyment. Due to excellent management, professional hosts and active DJ the program was interesting and diverse. It included: sport competitions, funny games, a smorgasbord and dances. After a draw, all the participants were split into four teams that were competing with each other during the evening. The team spirit became apparent in games and contests, some players proved themselves as talented leaders. Many of them demonstrated their athletic skills. Obviously, our employees can work as a team even in an unusual environment.

That day was very memorable as it was a perfect opportunity for the newcomers and the oldies of the company to learn more about each other in informal environment.

Everyone enjoyed the party and was charged with a good mood. The company birthday celebration proved that EffectiveSoft team excels not only at work but also outdoors.