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15 Facts about EffectiveSoft

Fact 1
99.9% of the projects have been finished timely.
Fact 2
Each second company customer recommends us to their partners.
Fact 3
86% of our clients came back for another project.
Fact 4
Every week EffectiveSoft welcomes up to 5 new developers.
Fact 5
The implementation of the shortest project took just 3 hours.
Fact 6
In a period of time April, 2006 - April, 2007 the number of our partners was doubled.
Fact 7
94% of our customers order long term support for their projects.
Fact 8
4 companies have organized their Offshore Development Centers in EffectiveSoft.
Fact 9
52% of the projects had their continuation in new versions and offers.
Fact 10
The most extensive project has included more than one million lines of code.
Fact 11
In 2006 EffectiveSoft became Microsoft Certified Partner; in the beginning of 2008 the company received Gold Certified status.
Fact 12
In 2007 we implemented twice more projects than we did in 2005.
Fact 13
EffectiveSoft occupies offices with a space of 18,000 ft2.
Fact 14
The lowest price paid for a project was $50.
Fact 15
Now we have 10 times more employees than we had 4 years ago.