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HTML5 Application Development

EffectiveSoft supports HTML5 coding services and provides custom HTML5 development for building traditional web applications with rich functionality and custom mobile solutions.

We put an emphasis on HTML5 mobile development for Smartphones and for such platforms as iPhone, iPad, Android and other touchscreen devices due to growing demand for mobile development among our customers.

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Development services for HTML5 web language:

We provide HTML5 apps development using web standards (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and with one single core application within.

  • Smartphone apps development with HTML5
  • Creating mobile web applications using HTLM 5
  • HTML5 websites development
  • Web application development services
  • Offline web applications building
  • Application porting to HTLM 5
  • Software testing and QA services

Created HTML5 application can be deployed across multiple mobile platforms by our mobile developers. EffectiveSoft helps to achieve the HTML5 web language’s goal to move away from such technologies as Flash, Silverlight, JavaFX and to bring new multimedia features to end users and developers.


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Benefit from HTML5 technologies

HTML5 is next generation web language that replaces HTLM4, DOM2, HTML and XHTML 1. Such software manufactories as Opera, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Google are involved in creation of HTML5 specification and the process of its improvement will last for several years. Leveraging HTML 5 EffectiveSoft assists clients to decrease the time and cost of developing across different mobile devices.