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Intellexer SDK

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Software development company EffectiveSoft present Intellexer Software Development Kit (SDK) - an effective tool intended for the enhancement of your applications with information retrieval and knowledge processing functionality. The Intellexer SDK is a flexible and easily-customizable platform and characterized by the following distinctive features:

  • the tool incorporates powerful linguistic instruments that analyze a text in the natural;
  • the tool makes the semantic (pertaining to meaning of words or symbols) analysis of the text preserving the key idea of the analyzed text; not confined (limiting) to the keyword-based approach of processing information;
  • the tool provides the effective capabilities for the development of various semantics-based solutions. The solutions can vary, depending on the customer's needs;
  • the tool is easily integrated into any application; compatible with Windows and LinuxOS

Due to the Intellexer SDK modules such as Linguistic Processor Plus, Document Comparator, Question-answering System, Spellchecker, Document Categorizer, Document Summarizer and others it provides effective capabilities for the development of different semantics-based solutions.

To order the Intellexer SDK, contact the Marketing Department. To get additional information about the Intellexer SDK and to see the examples of solutions implementing Intellexer visit this page http://www.intellexer.com/solutions.html