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IT Consulting Services and Offshore Outsourcing Research

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EffectiveSoft dedicated consulting group offers complex consulting services such as engineering consulting, SAP consulting, it support, we focus on engineering and informational services in order to increase their technical productivity and make technological process successful.

Our IT Consulting services include
SAP consulting
Our SAP consultants succeeded in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portal directions
Engineering consulting services
EffectiveSoft consulting teams focuses on customer project planning and design, cost estimates, special attention is paid to analysis and development of complex IT systems

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Benefits for customers of our IT Consulting services are:
Our experts are used to work quickly and professionally, offering engineering consulting services and significant advantages to solutions we offer
EffectiveSoft consulting team provides investigation and identification of technology evolution to increase the effectiveness of business- processes of our customers
Reliable prediction of technology evolution allows ensuring the professional support of information base and to achieve qualitative check and light controllability of software development process on every step
Marketing analysis
EffectiveSoft offshore outsourcing research specializes in prediction of possible software solutions and in market analysis for our customer's needs
We set up a base to increase a competitive ability and comprehensive development of our partner's business project