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Java development

EffectiveSoft Java developers possess wide experience in Java application development and in Java development for such development platforms as Java, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and others, to create business solutions which satisfy our customers' needs completely. We have solid experience in developing applications based on Java platform, applying up-to-date technologies to current project needs.
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EffectiveSoft Java-based development services
Dedicated Java developers of EffectiveSoft provide different services to our clients:
  • Custom Java-based solutions development
  • Desktop applications development on Java
  • Creating software for mobile phones and PDAs on J2ME platform
  • Complex J2EE-based applications deploying
  • Java programming for Windows, Linux and for Mac OS
  • Web services design and development, games development
  • J2ME application management and deployment
  • Java consulting and support services
  • We offer J2EE design patterns and quality assurance services
  • Enterprise Java development and many other services

Advantages of EffectiveSoft Java development:

EffectiveSoft offer cost-effective, reliable and well-timed Java-based services due to high professionalism of Java programmers and rich experience in Java development. Valuable benefits to customers who prefer EffectiveSoft Java development services:

  • Short development time and reasonable costs
  • High professional and experienced Java team
  • English-speaking Java developers and system architects
  • Qualitative and efficient services provided to our clients
  • Deep knowledge of Java technology and ability to apply it in practice
About Java:
Java Runtime Environment or Java platform is known as a collection of products for developers, released by Sun Microsystems for creating cross-platform application software, it is widely used in developing software for mobile devices, for enterprise servers and for web applications development.