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Link management CMS development

Problem description:

Customer company started professional SEO business and they turned to EffectiveSoft for developing a centralized CMS to perform SEO activity on their websites. This CMS was required to decrease spending, to gear up work processes and to raise the efficiency of employees.

Study of business environment and specification development

First of all, a business analyst was assigned to the customer's company, who’s task was to study business processes carefully and to develop a business specification, a basis for future CMS.

In-depth analysis showed (revealed) up that all processes were performed manually. SEO managers changed the layout of HTML pages, placed back-links and uploaded pages to FTP by hands without any automation.

All reports were presented in Excel files what complicated to manage and to track them.

Obviously, such poor administration leaded to slowly workflow, inevitable mistakes and confusion among employees.

An additional problem was to train new stuff because a job of SEO manager required some technical background and experience.

Our analyst with the help of SEO managers created business specification including all requirements, features, drafts of user interfaces and the description of general logic of system performance.

So, we decided to develop link management system to accomplish these tasks:

  1. To centralize the process of links addition
  2. To edit links easily
  3. To create new pages for links on websites
  4. To check links status on partner page
  5. To check the presence of partner link on our pages
  6. To create templates for link exchange and link templates
  7. To provide a remote accesses to any number of link managers
  8. To administer access permissions and the roles of SEO managers

Links check up is carried out by spider, created by EffectiveSoft developers. The spider checks up links of customer at the specified page, controls is the link is valid and if it has juice, detects the PR of the page and the number of outbound links; this verification allows customer to avoid Black Hat SEO.

Agile Process

Although, we had a detailed specification, we decided to apply Agile methodology to development. Due to this approach, SEO managers were involved in software testing and could work simultaneously with the system. It helped us to adjust the development process, to increase its efficiency and to add all necessary functionality, we haven’t reached before.

The result:

  • It became possible to accelerate and to simplify the work of staff
  • Better control over the results of employees activity
  • Advanced quality of link exchange, because the spider rejected low-quality sites
  • Links monitoring is performed offline, when the spider checks up the status of every link
  • History of link exchange is available online now
  • System allows to control and to adjust the process of link exchange on every stage

Resume: Our customer was greatly impressed by work performed by EffectiveSoft developers, because they managed to create a functioning CMS within a short period of time. This CMS facilitated and accelerated the work of link managers in his company. The customer says: «We needed a simple and professional CMS for our SEO activity, and EffectiveSoft delivered such solution, now we are independent of FTP and Excel documents, some SEO managers can work remotely, that was not possible without online CMS. It is significant but now we spend less time on trainings and our employees work with maximum efficiency».

Customer Benefits:

  • Manage system via administer web interface
  • Editable templates for links and pages for link exchange
  • To point out the position of backlinks on customer websites
  • To set access permissions for link management system: administer and common users
  • Automation of link management process for customer domains
  • Managing domains and prospective sites for link placement
  • Sorting links by date, status, by the name of creator and other criterion
  • User-friendly and clear interface