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Linux / Unix development by EffectiveSoft

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EffectiveSoft provides secure programming for Unix/Linux, and embedded Linux development services or kernel-level work for Linux and Unix with the usage of such technologies as PHP, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Mono, C++ and others.

Unix/Linux -based programming services by EffectiveSoft:
Our software development services for Linux and Unix-based operation systems include:
  • Creating applications for Mac OS X(a Unix-like OS)
  • Embedded Linux and Unix development of any complexity
  • Enterprise-grade server solutions of any difficulty on Linux or Unix platform
  • We also provide Linux desktop applications development
  • GUI development for Linux and Unix
  • Kernel-level work and Unix/Linux consulting services
  • Internet solutions development, such as large web portals
  • Server administration services development and upgrading
  • Cross-platform applications implementation and other services

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Advantages of programming for Unix/Linux
  • Dedicated team of Linux/Unix programmers
  • English-speaking software professionals
  • EffectiveSoft company is located close to Europe
  • Flexibility and reliability of Unix/Linux applications created by EffectiveSoft
  • Solid experience in device drivers creation
  • High quality of development and software testing services
Some words about Linux and Unix
Unix is well known as operating system developed in 1969 by AT&T, it possesses multi-user and multi-processing abilities, allowing several users to access the system simultaneously. Released by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux operating system in its basis is a combination of Unix-like operations system kernel with the GNU software. Now it is widespread and popular operating system due to great opportunities of customization and integration.