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MeeGo Mobile Application Development

Contact Us EffectiveSoft announces MeeGo mobile development services to give our customers an opportunity to benefits from the result of two merged platforms: Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Mobiln. We are ready to create flexible and multitasking MeeGo applications running on different devices (as embedded systems, TVs, smartphones, netbooks, tablets etc.) using Qt development environment and C++ programming language.

MeeGo mobile application development by EffectiveSoft:

Due to mobile development experience across major mobile platforms (Maemo OS, iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, Google Android, Symbian and many other), Effective Soft’s dedicated programmers are intended to provide custom mobile development services of MeeGo applications on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.

  • Multimedia applications development
  • Games and other entertainment applications design
  • E-business and e-learning solutions development for MeeGo
  • Social networking MeeGo applications
  • Web applications building for MeeGo OS

Benefits of MeeGo development services:

EffectiveSoft offers MeeGo development with competitive advantages to customers:

  • Multitasking MeeGo applications development
  • Cross-platform MeeGo solutions design
  • Skilled team of mobile software developers
  • Custom mobility solutions for customers
  • Professional team of mobile programmers
  • Affordable cost of software outsourcing

What is MeeGo

Nokia and Intel teamed up to create MeeGo OS, a new Linux-based open source mobile platform with enhanced capabilities of Maemo and Mobiln mobile ecosystems. MeeGo combines the best features of Mobiln and Maemo OS; MeeGo operating system is targeted for such platforms as netbooks, handheld computing and communications devices, connected TVs, media phones, in-car entertainment systems and others. EffectiveSoft company enables customers to enjoy communicative and multitasking capabilities and high-performance graphics playback of MeeGo applications created by our mobile developers.