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Microsoft CRM customization

Problem description:

A young real estate company applied for our services. They had to hire and to train new sales managers by their own strength, because of little experience and insufficient reputation on the market. Frequently, new sales managers were people without any experience and references. Microsoft CRM was used for customer information management.

The management of the company faced the following problems:

  1. New employees are not allowed to have access to client database, because the level of trust to new members is low.
  2. Inexperienced employees encountered a lot of difficulties during their work with Microsoft CRM. Actually, they were afraid of using it and the workflow was ineffective.
  3. The process of interaction with customer information management was simplified for new employees in the period of trainings. This caused compulsory problems during Microsoft CRM reporting.
  4. High costs of management and maintenance of client base.

To keep Microsoft CRM for workflow and to offer new and inexperienced members an effective tool for work with customer information management, the customer applied to EffectiveSoft for Microsoft CRM customization services.

Problem definition:

The customer has set up the following requirements:

  1. To use Microsoft CRM as a main tool for customer information management;
  2. Designing and implementation of simplified workflow process;
  3. To preserve all functions used in Microsoft CRM;
  4. Long-term support and maintenance of the system during not fixed period of time.


Our business analyst, an expert in business processes automation and document management, was sent on an assignment to the customer. During the next two weeks he was busy with business specification of the future solution. The business analyst received all necessary information at first hand being at the territory of the customer.

The next step was to write system specification and to come to an agreement with the customer about it. The specification should contain all technical issues and deal lines.

The main peculiarity of the performed work was the creation of a unique workflow, developed on the base of Microsoft CRM. The workflow was very simple and easy to use.

To solve the posed problems, the developers had to:

  • Change values of many entities
  • Disable about 80% of default elements
  • Develop unique tools, interfaces and functionality missing in Microsoft CRM


The customized version of Microsoft CRM was appreciated even by experienced employees of the customer company, who did not have any problems with the previous version. Thanks to hard designing work of our business analyst, new CRM has solved main customer’s problems with delaminating permissions to customer information management system. Also, the customer was satisfied with a transparent system of monitoring and reporting, which allowed him to control the work of stuff much better.

A representative of the customer speaks: «We managed to reduce the cost of trainings for new employees approximately by 2 times.
But the most pleasant thing for us is time we spend on trainings. Now, due to the clearness and simplicity of the system, it takes new employees only 2-3 hours to master client database and to start working.
Moreover, we noticed the easiness of tasks transfer if the manager is replaced by another or an employee is fired. Now all contacts and acts occur within the limits of CRM. It gives us a unification of all processes. We can reassign clients on any managers without problems. »