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EffectiveSoft presents a new version of Intellexer SDK

Intellexer SDK

EffectiveSoft developers released a new version of unique semantic platform Intellexer SDK. The version 3.0 has been greatly enhanced. Now new Intellexer SDK 4.0 has improved modules such as Document Comparator, Question-answering System, Linguistic Processor Plus, Spellchecker (Russian Language Support), Document Categorizer, Document Summarizer (improved summarization algorithm, new summary types).

Moreover some new modules have been introduced:

  • Question comparison tool is a module that compares two questions on the syntactic-semantic level and gives their proximity.
  • Named Entity Recognizer is a module that identifies and recognizes named entities in text (e.g. personal names, organization names, etc.).
  • Named Entity Relation Extractor is a module that works on the top of Named Entity Recognizer, and allows determining the relations between named entities.

We sell both Intellexer SDK 3.0 and the new version. But there is a possibility to upgrade previous version to Intellexer SDK 4.0. This service is for the additional payment.

Contact us to learn more about Intellexer SDK or visit http://www.intellexer.com

November 26, 2008