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More unique features in Intellexer Summarizer 2.0

EffectiveSoft presented Intellexer Summarizer 2.0. While major principles of operation remained the same a few new features were added to improve the program customizability.

  • Concept-oriented summaries became possible due to a new option: now the user can choose the concepts they find important, check them up in the Concept Tree and then rearrange the summary. The chosen concepts are given higher semantic weight and influence the summary content.
  • Search tool is now available. The user can search for a summary within the summaries stored in the History.  Each concept of a summary serves as a keyword for search. This option also functions as a filter for organizing summaries in the History window.
  • IE toolbar is another useful innovation. Summarizer is now integrated into Internet Explorer. When the Summarizer toolbar is switched on the user can work with a web page and its summary simultaneously within the same application.
  • Color themes for summary windows are available in the new version of Intellexer Summarizer. The user can choose a color theme according to their preferences or even design their own one. The installed themes are Octopus Garden, Safari, Mint & Citrus, and Fuchsia.

October 16, 2007

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