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Effectivesoft is acknowledged as Microsoft Certified Partner in several areas

On the 26 of August, 2009, EffectiveSoft, a world-known software development company of Eastern Europe, has confirmed the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Mobility Solutions Competency. Moreover, EffectiveSoft company proved to be worthy of Microsoft Custom Development Solutions and SOA and Business Development Competency.

Due to solid development expertise and deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, EffectiveSoft succeed in receiving the honorable status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and Microsoft Mobility Competency for one more year. EffectiveSoft is top-ranked by Microsoft Corporation because of high-grade software development services, grateful customer references and the superiority of software engineers in Microsoft technologies and mobile development.

EffectiveSoft software company became recognized as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner on the 22 of January, 2008, and the Microsoft Mobility Competency was achieved on the 14 of October, 2008. This acknowledgement is a vivid demonstration of world class software development services provided by EffectiveSoft.

August 26, 2009

Update: EffectiveSoft obtains Microsoft Mobility Solutions Competency

On the 14 of October, 2008 EffectiveSoft achieved Microsoft Mobility Solutions Competency, and on the 22 of January, 2008 EffectiveSoft became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

EffectiveSoft becomes Microsoft mobility solutions certified due to high competency in mobile and wireless software development with the usage of Microsoft mobile technologies. This certification was achieved by EffectiveSoft because of wide experience in Windows mobile development, customer references, deep knowledge in the subject and successful professional certifications.

October 14, 2008

EffectiveSoft Becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

EffectiveSoft has just achieved another stage of the company growth and development: it became recognized by the world software production leader - Microsoft Corporation as the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

This recognition became possible due to numerous EffectiveSoft successful projects and prosperous cooperation with grateful customers from all over the world. Their favorable references allowed EffectiveSoft to reach the level of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Being recognized by Microsoft implies getting to a higher level of trust from customers’ side. It is also recognition of technical excellence and conformation to modern business standards. We are aiming at keeping up to this honorable status to prove the company reliability and efficiency to our potential customers.

January 22, 2008

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