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Open Source software customization, setup and development

EffectiveSoft provides Open Source software customization and integration services. We focus on freeware/open source components integration, content management systems customization, portals, web development solutions, design integration, Open Source projects management and modification, modules development, etc. EffectiveSoft performs Open Source software integration with Linux, Windows, Oracle, DB2, WebSperem Bea and GNU.

Our work specialization covers security improvement and source optimization for open source components.

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EffectiveSoft Open Source customization services

Open Source expertise includes:

Services we offer:
  • Open Source software integration with operating systems (Linux, Windows OS)
  • Open Source customization
  • Design integration
  • New features development
  • Maintenance and support
  • Migration to other platforms
  • Open Source software management

Benefits for customers
  • Cost and time saving development is possible due to free and available Open Source components
  • Wide experience and expertise of software engineers provide flexibility and knowledge transfer to Open Source software solutions by EffectiveSoft
  • Long term customer support and software updating services in compliance with Open Source components updates
  • High development speed and robust software development
  • Source codes availability in the World Wide Web reduces project cost

About Open Source software

Open Source software became popular due to public accessibility of source code to study, change and re-design. It is created by open community and available to use and modify. Open Source customization process is unstructured and causes some difficulties because of big amount of components, so experts only can assist in creating reliable software. Clients appreciate EffectiveSoft Open Source customization and integration services due to high efficiency. Our services help to avoid possible pitfalls and to enhance business solutions.