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Use case: Outdoor Advertising management system

General Description

A customer company owns a developed network of billboards and other outdoor advertising mediums. There are more than 300 billboards in the company’s portfolio, and new mediums are continuously being added. The customers encountered the following problems as the number of advertising mediums and client base increased:

  1. Difficulties in informing customers about new advertising mediums on-the-fly, and in persuading clients to place advertisements on them
  2. Constantly growing demands of customers for advertising:
    • High customer requirements to geo planning: many brand managers insist that their brand advertisements were not placed in the immediate vicinity from the brands of business rivals.
    • High requirements to media planning: customers want to refresh advertising content according to their own schedule of advertising campaigns.
  3. High costs of management and maintenance of client base.
  4. A lack of visual monitoring and management system of advertising spaces leads to non-rational use of media: some of billboards remain empty (unoccupied), while the others are reserved for the year ahead.


A complex solution for Outdoor Advertising management was designed and developed in assistance with Effective Soft’s marketing department of and business analysts.

New system is a browser-based application with such components:

  1. A custom level for Google Maps, where all advertisement mediums and coverage areas are displayed.
  2. User accounts for advertisement owners, where they have an ability to:
    • To plan the time (scheduling) and space (Geo targeting) of advertising campaign.
    • To upload models of advertising images, this will be printed and placed on the booked advertising areas.
    • To pay for advertising services through the built-in payment gateway.
    • They will receive newsletters with alerts about free advertising mediums or new advertising places in use.
    • To monitor advertising campaigns of business rivals and to plan their own advertising placements in the best possible way.
  3. CRM system.
  4. Logistic module.


After the launching of the system and the migration of the client base, it took customer and his clients some time to get acquainted with new management system. But on the 3rd day of system functioning, the advertisement buyers appreciated the convenience and simplicity of the GUI and began to plan and to actualize their own promotional ideas.

As a result, the administrative load on the management of the customer was significantly reduced. At the same time, the costs for customer support began to decrease.

A representative of the customer Steven Johns speaks: «I have been coordinating the process of developing new system.
The result has exceeded our expectations. Before, every billboard was coordinated by a manager, but now only 5 persons support our client base.
Our clients are completely satisfied. For now, with the help of the internal portal they can see all schemes of their media placement and of the competing brands, and they can schedule and adjust ads placement by themselves.
There are no annoying calls to our office: «Hi Mister Johns, we would like to change the model on the billboard». Now clients just login into their account and update their tasks. Logistic service is responsible for the remaining work.
We are very pleased to see that the entire power of our company is visible on the satellite snapshots. Clients apply to us and ask: «What can you offer me in the area of my office?» So, we open our web portal and show them all possible advertising locations. It’s impressive. And it really helps us to sell.»