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Mobile development for Palm WebOS

Contact Us To keep pace with innovative technologies, EffectiveSoft announces software development for mobility devices running Palm WebOS.

Mobile development on Palm WebOS is a promising tendency, due to great potential of Palm’s platform and its full-featured handset. Palm Pre is a new Smartphone by Palm,Inc. and highly praised by critics and end-users. Many experts predict Palm Pre to have a success like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Besides, EffectiveSoft possesses extensive experience in mobile software development for Palm OS, iPhone, Symbian OS, Android and Windows Mobile platform.

Palm Pre development by EffectiveSoft:
EffectiveSoft is ready to develop wide range of applications for Palm Pre with the power of Mojo Software Development Kit (SDK) and Palm OS emulator for WebOS. We offer the following software services for Palm Pre:
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Multimedia mobile software
  • Social networking tools
  • Medical and personal tools
  • Educational software for Palm Pre
  • Security and entertainment
  • Other professional applications

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Customer advantages:
  • Robust and scalable development services for the Palm WebOS
  • Qualified professional team experienced in mobile software development
  • Well-defined, ISO certified software development process
  • QA services for accurate mobile software engineering
  • Competitive development costs and time reducing outsourcing
More about Palm Pre:
Palm Pre is a multimedia Smartphone created by Palm, Inc and announced to be released in 2009. It includes qwerty-keyboard, 3rd party applications support, internet connection, email functionality, sliding keyboard, touchscreen graphical user interface and many other features. Palm Pre Smartphone runs WebOS, a next-generation Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. Palm Pre applications are developed with Mojo Software Development Kit (a framework for WebOS) or Palm OS emulator for webOS (called «Classic»).