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Palm OS development by EffectiveSoft

Contact Us EffectiveSoft presents software development for the Palm OS (or Garnet OS) and for other platforms: Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian OS, Android and iPhone OS. Software development for mobile devices is highly demanded now, and EffectiveSoft experienced team of software engineers applies latest technologies to satisfy customers and to complete successful projects timely.

PalmOS application development services:

Software Company EffectiveSoft provides software development for the Palm OS, using C and C++ foundation and prc-tools to design and develop state-of-the-art embedded applications. We offer the following Palm OS software development services:

Business applications:

  • Custom software applications
  • Data Management applications using Pendragon Forms and Oracle 8iLite.


  • Palm OS games development
  • Multimedia applications
  • Instant messaging application development

Security applications

  • OS level programming
  • Secure authentication and password protection

Utilities development:

  • VoIP applications and GPS module programming
  • Barcode scanners programming

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Why Palm OS development by EffectiveSoft:

Palm OS software programming by EffectiveSoft offers competitive benefits:

  • Solid experience in Palm OS programming
  • Cost-effective and reducing time software development
  • English-speaking software professionals
  • QA team for qualitative applications testing
  • Profitable business solutions for reasonable price

About Palm OS:

Palm OS is well known as smart operating system, created in 1996 for mobile devices by U.S. Robotics, the owner of Palm Computing, Inc, ACCESS. The Palm OS is an embedded operating system for PDAs and other handheld devices; it is also known as Garnet OS. Versions of the Palm OS vary from Palm OS 1.0 to Palm, OS 5 or Palm OS Cobalt; this operating system has rich graphical interface, including 2D, 3D graphics and a big choice of widgets.