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Flex demo – 3D Image Gallery

This is a test 3D project created with Flex technology to demonstrate the power and potential of Flex. The 3D gallery project is a preparatory work for further development. Click here to view 3D gallery Flex demo..

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Project background 

The 3D Image gallery Flex demo is a virtual sphere with custom images; the 3D image gallery uses a universal algorithm, which allows placing an arbitrary number of photos onto the sphere. Created with Flex 3, AS3 and Papervision3D technologies, this 3D gallery solution provides customers with many interactive features: images preview, 3D camera animation with SLERP algorithm, customizable interface, images browsing inside the sphere and many more.

Solution highlights 
  • Images browsing inside of virtual sphere in 3D space
  • Defined thumbnail and full images path in XML config
  • 3D star-field background
  • Batch thumbnail preloaded
  • 3D camera animation using SLERP algorithms
  • Easily customizable interface
Benefits for the customer 
  • High performance on all kinds of computers
  • Rich graphic interface
  • Low memory using
  • Independent images setting through the config
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 60 hours
Lines of code: AS3 - 940M
MXML - 154
Tools: Flex Builder
Technologies: AS3, Flex 3, Papervision3D 2.0, LazyLoader, TweenMax


Click the image to view Flex Demo