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Portfolio Project – Android Demo

This is an example of mobile software development for the Android OS, created by EffectiveSoft Android developers with cutting edge Google development tools. Bubblelopatel is a portfolio project which represents Android Demo, available for users who have Smartphones with Android OS.

Project background 

Bubblelopatel is a game for Smartphone with Android OS; this is a stimulation of bursting bubbles on the wrapping film. This Android demo software was created by EffectiveSoft with the usage of Android SDK 1.0 technology, Eclipse 3.4 and other development tools.

Solution highlights 

This Android solution has the following functionality and competitive advantages:
  • Burst bubbles easily
  • Hunter Mode and Simple Mode are available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy install
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 60h
Lines of code: 952 loc
Tools: Eclipse 3.4, ADT-0.8.0
Technologies: Android SDK 1.0

Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming