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JavaScript development - Categorizer Demo - Portfolio Project

Here you can see an example of smart document management software Categorizer Demo, created with JavaScript technologies by EffectiveSoft software developers.

Project background 

This solution represents an online Intellexer Categorizer demo, created by EffectiveSoft developers for efficient document management, retrieval information and text categorization. Based on Intellexer SDK development Kit, Intellexer Categorizer demo is worked out with semantic tools and JavaScript and jQuery technologies.

Solution highlights 

The interactive Categorizer Demo has the following functionality:

  • Automatic categorization of a large number of documents
  • This software determines the relevance of the document to category
  • Allows users to drag-and-drop one document to existing categories
  • Vividly represents the relevancy of one document to all categories
  • User-friendly interface allows to change the fingerprint of any category
  • It highlights fingerprints and shows high relevant, low relevant and irrelevant documents
  • The color shows the relevance of documents to categories
  • The diagram displays in percentage how relevant is the document to the category
  • Our Categorizer Demo represents if the document is relevant to several categories

Due to high accuracy of categorization, the Categorizer Demo is a good assistant in text classification and document analysis with the usage of semantic tools. It is very helpful while analyzing a big amount of documents or text files, if you need to create a tree of categories fast and with little efforts.

Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 7 days
Lines of code: JavaScript – 629
HTML – 244
Tools: jQuery
Technologies: JavaScipt, jQuery