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Execution Management System (client part) - Portfolio Project

Here you can see a client side of Execution Management System (EMS) project created by EffectiveSoft for trade on such exchanges as NASDAQ, NYCE and others. Execution Management System is supposed to be an independent and front-end platform for traders who buy or sell stocks, share holding etc. EMS front-end platform consists of two parts: client side of EMS and the Back office (BackOffice-Execution Management System). The client side is a desktop application that allows customers to work on several markets at the same time. You can also learn about back office side of Execution Management System.

Project background 

The client part of program Execution Management System manages sell and buying process of share holdings and safety stocks in a real time. This is a desktop application, created with Java Swing, using such technologies as JAVA 1.6, Java Beans, Web Start and many others; it is flexible and is intended for work with large amount of changing data. The program allows trading on stock markets using different interconnected modules.

Solution highlights 

The functionality of the solution includes the following opportunities of modules:

  • Trading on different markets simultaneously
  • To make a quick order
  • Amend or revoke the order if its partial implementation
  • To create a template for ordering, and to order from a template
  • Contains a high-speed gateway to multiple execution venues
  • A possibility to change or to delay the order
  • Tracking the quotations and orders' status
  • Receiving notifications about changes of quotations

Benefits for the customers 

Desktop application of Execution Management System provides valuable benefits to customers:

  • Java Beans-based modules of solution
  • User-friendly configured modules and setting
  • Integration and customization of modules
  • Quotations tracing and successful sales and buying
  • Easy customization of EMS for each trader's needs
  • Quick integration of EMS algorithm into front-end of trader

Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 5 years
Lines of code: huge
Tools: IDEA, Eclipce, Jprofiler, TOAD, PowerDesigner, Apache Ant, CVS, Putty, FogBugz.
Technologies: DB - Oracle 9.0, JAVA 1.4 -1.6, Java WebStart, JMX, JDBC, Swing, Swingx, Trove, LOG4J, JUnit.