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Flash demo – Rally Quest 2

A flash game Rally Quest 2 is a non-commercial project created by flash programmers of EffectiveSoft company. It demonstrates software skills of Effective Soft’s flash team and available flash development services.

Please, click here to view the Flash demo.

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Project background 

The flash game Rally Quest 2 was created with such tools and technologies as Adobe Flash CS4, Eclipse + FDT, Action Script 3.0 and others.

The mission of Rally Quest 2 is to pass a level as fast as possible and to meet challenges and puzzles on the way to finish. The complexity of every next level increases. To pass a level, a user takes advantages of offered tools (as harpoon) and drives his car at high speed.

High performance of this flash game and handling of complex processes as displacement, acceleration, elastic collisions and others were achieved by applying Actionscript Physics Engine platform

Solution highlights of Flash game 
  • Graphics caching
  • Displacement and friction
  • Acceleration and elastic collisions
  • Events processing
  • Lifecycle management of objects
  • Mathematical computations
  • Rational distribution of memory
Benefits for the customers 
  • High performance of flash game
  • Animation features and rich graphic interface
  • A flexible system of classes allows to maintain, modify and complement the flash demo easily
  • Rational memory distribution because of optimization techniques
  • Handling of complex processes with minimum system resources due to Actionscript Physics Engine platform
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 2,5 weeks
Lines of code: AS3: 2413
Tools: Adobe Flash CS4, Eclipse + FDT
Technologies: Action Script 3.0, Actionscript Physics Engine 0.45, XML, HTML/Javascript

Click the image to view Flash Demo

Flash demo – Rally Quest 2

Flash demo – Rally Quest 2

Flash demo – Rally Quest 2