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Flex/Flash programming

East Indian iPhone game

Expertise area: Game development.
Industry domain:  Entertainment.

EffectiveSoft’s team created a free iPhone game East Indian Tycoon with interactive features and ported it to Flash. The mission of the game is to father fruits and to collect goods on islands and to deliver them to storage by setting an order of tasks.

Flex Programming

Expertise area: Web development & design, e-commerce software.
Industry domain:  E-commerce.

A part of a larger project related to the programming of statistics management workflows with the usage of the Flex Charting library.

Flex Programming

Expertise area: Web development & design, test project.
Industry domain:  Web development.

This 3D Image Gallery created with Flex is a test project, launched to demonstrate the power of Flex technology and to use it’s components in future.

Flex Programming

Expertise area: Online game development, flash game development
Industry domain Entertainment.

This flash game Rally Quest 2 demonstrates Flash development skills of EffectiveSoft’s team and the power of Adobe Flash CS4 technology. The mission of flash game is to drive the car quickly and to meet challenges on the way to finish.