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Flex Demo - Portfolio Project

It is an example of a larger project that required the usage of the Flex technology for statistics management and a smart and concise data representation. Please click to view Flex Demo.

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Project background 

One of the customer's requirements in the software development project was a flexible online statistics management, including data acquisition and its visual representation. Our decision was to use the Flex technology, the Flex Charting Library, in particular.

Solution highlights 

The functionality of the solution includes:
Online data acquisition
Statistics representation in the form of tables and chart
Incoming data online monitoring

Benefits for the customer 

Reduced development time frames
A rich library of custom charts, tables, and some other visual components
On-line prompt data handling and representation

Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 0,5 months
Lines of code: PHP/Perl - 3251
HTML/JavaScript - 192
Flex2/ActionScript3 - 644
Flash/ActionScript - 495
Tools: MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office, Flex Builder 2, Flash, Zend
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML/JavaScript, Flash, Flex


Click the image to view Flex Demo