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Portfolio Project - HCN Batch Import Tool

HCN Batch Import tool is a custom solution for importing documents by batch for a specific patient from a common storage to an application.

Project background 

Health Communication Network (HCN), a leading provider of clinical and practice management software for Australian GPs and Specialists, uses such applications as Blue Chip and Medical Director. Blue Chip is a practice management software that provides the correspondence, appointments and billing management for medical organizations. Medical Director is a clinical application tool that provides an ability to manage patient's documents, case history, generating different reports, and carrying out some other organizational and managerial tasks. On account of dealing with a set of resources applications, one solution was required to import patient's data from a common storage into either of the applications. In addition, the solution was expected to operate with a batch of documents. The Batch Import Tool was developed to satisfy this need.

Solution highlights 

Information about a patient is stored in electronic form, including radiograph, colonoscopy results, gastroduodenoscopy, cardiogram, etc. These documents in turn are saved in the PDF or image format (TIFF, JPEG, GIF) with attached CSV files. The CSV files are generated at the stage of scanning the source (paper) documents and contain the Patient ID, Path to the scanned document, Document type and other required info. The HCN Batch Import Tool parses necessary CSV files, checks the validity and match of the fields, and finally imports documents to a target location. Before import, the user can select the fields of the CSV files required for import.

Benefits for the customer 

Process automatization, ease of data management, time saving, data match reliability.

Project utilizes 
Total project development time: 3 weeks
Lines of code: C# - 1,390
Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005, Subversion, Sybase Power Designer
Technologies: C#, ADO.NET, MS SQL Server 2000

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