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Intellexer Categorizer – Semantic portfolio

Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 is a commercial version of desktop semantic solution Intellexer Categorizer, intended for document categorization and data management. Recently EffectiveSoft’s R&D department has released free demo versions of Intellexer Categorizer software to get feedback from our clients and according to customer reviews and wishes we launched a commercial version of Intellexer Categorizer 1.2.

Click here to view online Categorizer demo..

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Project background 

Intellexer Categorizer 1.2 is a portfolio project, created by semantic department of EffectiveSoft Company. It demonstrates the use of latest semantic technologies for document management and text categorization. Intellexer Categorizer classifies documents and allows organizing information within user-defined categories. It solves the problem of information overload and dramatically increases work productivity.

Download a trial version of Intellexer Categorizer or visit the official website for more information http://categorizer.intellexer.com/

Solution highlights 

  • Semantic and natural language analyses of entire document content
  • Information handling on the level of meaning
  • Using of common documents for training stage
  • Automatic document categorization
  • Automatic assignment of documents to categories

Competitive benefits for customers 
  • High level of accuracy and work flexibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Time saving for further search and browsing
  • Latest semantic technologies are used in project
  • Ranging documents within a category
  • Support of various file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, MHTML/MHT, etc.)
  • Support of 64-bit platform
  • Categorizes bulk amounts of documents
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
150 days/ 1200 hours
Lines of code:

MS Visual Studio 2008, Subversion

.NET (C#), Windows Forms, Remoting, Intellexer SDK


Intellexer Categorizer

Intellexer Categorizer

Intellexer Categorizer

Intellexer Categorizer