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Intellexer Patent Summarizer

Intellexer Patent Summarizer is iPhone application designed for obtaining precise patent summary using patent number. This software project was developed in EffectiveSoft company to demonstrate iPhone programming skills and to present useful tool for domain experts.

Project background 

Intellexer Patent Summarizer is an ideal software tool for patent attorneys and other domain experts in need of brief and concise summary of definite patent. The principle of software operation is simple: it finds patents by custom query and chosen settings and generates a short summary or shows the list of patents. If Intellexer Patent Summarizer displays a list of patents relevant to custom query, a user will have an opportunity to summarize the patent he needs. An option to edit the history of searches is also included.

Solution highlights 

    User guide for Intellexer Patent Summarizer:
  • Enter your query (concepts) into input fields
  • Select advanced settings you need and press «Send» button
  • The length of patent summary may vary from 2 to 20 sentences
  • Adjust summary settings up to 20 sentences
  • Read short summary or switch to the full patent text
  • Search history is saved automatically so you can edit it
  • Use tab bar to switch between Web, Summary, Patent and Info pages
Customer benefits 
  • Quick patents search
  • Advanced search settings
  • Short and concise summary of patents
  • Semantic technologies using for patent analyzing
  • User-friendly and intuitive program interface
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 136 hours
Lines of code: 2602 lines
Tools: xCode, Interface Builder, Objectiv-C, svn, redmine
Technologies: Objective-C

Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming