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Portfolio Project – Intellexer Summarizer

Intellexer Document Summarizer is a desktop application which allows the user to make a summary of an electronic document or a web page.


Summarizer is intended as a tool that can get the most essential ideas out of a lengthy text, thus saving the time and effort spent on processing information. The ideas are presented in the form of a summary supplemented with a list of primary concepts.

Solution highlights 

Summarizer utilizes the latest semantic technology: Intellexer Natural Language Processing platform. Intellexer Summarizer is based on linguistic, statistical and heuristic algorithms that allow producing a precise and informative summary of a text. The type and length of the summary can be customized.

Competitive advantages 
  • All text file formats support
  • Variety of summary types
  • Hierarchic concept tree
  • History tool at hand
  • MS application integration
  • Choice of version (Lite, Standard, Pro)
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
9 months (SDK: 4 years)
Lines of code:
C++ ~50,000 (SDK: ~200,000, linguistic dictionaries and rules: ~100 mb)

MS Visual Studio, MS Project, MS Office, MS Visual SourceSafe

Intellexer SDK, C++, STL, Boost, MFC, Perl, cygwin, finite-state methods, statistics, natural language processing


Intellexer Summarizer