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Intellexer Summarizer for iPhone - Portfolio Project

This is an example of Intellexer Summarizer implementation into iPhone for successful summarization of found information. IPhone web application created by EffectiveSoft developers allows improving web surfing and collecting necessary information and to minimize efforts and work time.

Project background 

EffectiveSoft Intellexer Summarizer iPhone edition is convenient software for those who need to find and to analyze a big amount of information found in the Internet, or for those who try to optimize the process of web search. The tool was created with the usage of such technologies as iPhone OS Frameworks: Foundation, Core Foundation, CFNetwork, UIKit and others.

Solution highlights 

The functionality of the tool includes some particular features:
  • Brief summary of queries without opening internet pages
  • The history of custom search
  • Quick summary results of various kinds of pages
  • Summarization of different text types
Benefits for customers 
  • Summarization of the textual content of the search result using Intellexer Summarizer's engine
  • Automatically saves the history of queries for further browsing
  • Brief and clear summary of web page without opening the page in browser
  • Allows to save and to preview short summaries of found information
  • Summarization of different types of texts, such as scientific, economics, politics etc.
  • Increases information search speed
  • Gives special benefits for data research such as key concepts of web pages
  • Reduces internet traffic during web surfing
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 1 month
Lines of code: 5104 lines
Tools: Apple Xcode, iPhone SDK Beta 5, iPhone Aspen Simulator
Technologies: iPhone OS Frameworks: Foundation, Core Foundation, CFNetwork, UIKit
Objective-C 2.0

Embedded programming
Embedded programming
Embedded programming