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Portfolio Project - Online Merchant Platform

This is a fully functional payment platform that enables merchants to sell their e-services centrally, with fast turn-around and high credibility.

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Project background 

One of Western European banks wanted a central payment platform that would manage all aspects of the payment for e-commerce services provided by both individual merchants and organizations. Our specialists deeply examined all the requirements to the system

Solution highlights 

Online Merchant platform connects the service providers and customers via obligatory registration & unique access permissions and settles transactions to the bank in real time. Additionally, the system offers advanced e-commerce options including orders and shipment management, newsletter integration, robust CRM, and some more

The solution consists of 3 layers:

1. Customer layer features: 2. Merchant layer features:
3. Administration layer features:
  • Selection of a payment method
  • Payment history
  • Orders history, recent order details
  • Search for recent orders
  • Access to CRM
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Crediting
  • Recurring billing
  • E-service registration
  • Employee management
  • Transaction management
  • Transaction&Audit tool
  • Statistics&Reporting tool
  • CRM
  • Newsfeeds & newsletter management
  • Order and shipment management
  • Catalog management
  • Import/Export catalog data management
  • Manage web-resources
  • Merchants management
  • Payments management
  • Fraud control and monitoring
  • Financial statistics
Benefits for the customer 
  • 24/7 availability
  • Real-time secure billing processing
  • Scalability and easy deployment of the system
  • Integration with any payment gateway
  • Cross-platform capability
  • High reliability
  • Customizability
  • Post-back interface
  • Care for clients
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
3.5 months
Lines of code:
C - 59893;
PHP/Perl - 71056;
HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 56211
MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office
GNU C, PHP, PERL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Load-balancer, Clusterization