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Portfolio Project - Online Payment Platform

This is a powerful payment platform that allows a payment service provider to handle payments over the Internet in a safe and secure way.

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Project background 

One of the major Western European banks wanted a "virtual bank office" that would accept and safely process different payments from merchants and clients. Easy deployment within a network of multiple banks and problem-free integration with any billing system were the main requirements to the system along with data security and superb performance. Our specialists deeply examined all the specifications of the system and implemented it in accordance with the PSP (IPSP) business model.

Solution highlights 

The Online Payment Platform allowed the customer to automate the process of serving payments from an initial merchant request for opening a trading account to organizing the whole trading system. The system can be easily integrated with any bank, payment service provider, or third party processor.

Payment methods include:

  • Credit cards
  • E-checks/online checks
  • Phone billing
  • SMS-billing

Online Payment Platform features:

  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Managing & auditing of transactions
  • Transaction search
  • Combining of trading accounts
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Business risk management
  • CRM
  • Real-time reporting, etc.

The system consists of 6 sub-systems:

  • Payment platform
  • Online Merchant platform
  • Web site integration system
  • Administration and auditing
  • APACS/ISO integration system
Benefits for the customer 
  • 24/7 availability
  • High performance of the system
  • Reliability and safety
  • Scalability  and quick deployment of  the system
  • No hardware/software limitations
  • VISA/MC/Amex/Diners club financial institutions compliant
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
2 years
Lines of code:
C - 165678
PHP/Perl - 163895
HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 254652

MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office

GNU C, PHP, PERL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Load-balancer, Clusterization