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Portfolio Project - Patent Searcher

Patent Searcher is a plain proprietary utility that is used to find out a certain patent by selecting its number in the given context.


Due to extended R&D activity, the company needed a fast and easy way to web-search for necessary patents. The development of a plain utility was encouraged.

Solution highlights 

The Patent Searcher utility is embedded to the Internet Explorer. It is displayed as a small icon in the open web browser window and can be shown/hidden whenever it is necessary. Patent Searcher is context-sensitive. It reacts on the selections with numbers. The patent with a sought number is displayed in a new browser window. If the patent was not found by number, Patent Searcher uses the keywords from the given selection.

Presently, Patent Searcher supports search at the USPTO and FreePatentsOnline patent databases. We envisage the functionality extension by applying the semantic technologies of proprietary Intellexer SDK.

Competitive advantages 
  • easy to use
  • custom color settings support
  • possibility to set  the appearance transparency
  •  “where to search” settings support
  • clipboard support
  • drag-and-drop support
  • scalability
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
1+ week
Lines of code:
approximately 1000 C#2.0 code;

Com Server: Visual Studio 2003, Client (GUI): Visual Studio 2005

Windows Forms 2.0, C#  2.0, C++, ATL, .NET Framework 2.0