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Portfolio Project - Routine Business Registration

This is a custom solution aimed at recording staff daily business activities and managing supplemental information in the company.

Project background 

The project was developed for a Swedish trading company Scandinavian Kyl&Frys AB. The client wanted a user-friendly and fast-to-deploy solution in order to automate a considerable part of routine business work. EffectiveSoft was selected as a service vendor. Our specialists analyzed the customer's requirements in details, jointly worked out thorough specifications, optimized system architecture, and developed the solution.

Solution highlights 

Routine Business Registration is a modular solution that logically supports all the features necessary for efficient business registration and management. Access to either of the system modules is provided by assigned user role and corresponding permission rights.

Administrator module, which is used for registering the users of the Client module and managing their access rights for various functions, including:

  • User roles administration
  • Bad user administration
  • Document permission administration

Client module, which is the basic module the company employees work with. It implements the following functions:

  • Customer support:
    • Telephone calls registration
    • Telephone calls schedule
    • Invoice form
    • Business proposal form
    • Advertising campaign registration form
  • Warehouse:
  • Supplemental information:
  • Printable forms:
Among other system features is multi-language support (Swedish and English).

Benefits for the customer 

Around-the-clock availability, scalability, high reliability, secure orders storage, ease of interface localization, operability in the most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari.

Project utilizes 
Total project development time: 1 year
Lines of code: C# - 89,967, HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 18,458
Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET, MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, IIS, MS SQL Server 2000, HTML/CSS/JavaScript Windows Clustering Service, Network Load Balancing


Routine Business Registration

Routine Business Registration

Routine Business Registration

Routine Business Registration

Routine Business Registration

Routine Business Registration