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Silverlight Demo – Portfolio Project

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Here you can see Microsoft Silverlight demo solution, which is similar to Flex demo project; you can examine how EffectiveSoft team builds the same projects with two different technologies, and MS Silverlight demo demonstrates the way we apply new Microsoft technologies to create Rich Internet Applications.

Click here to view Silverlight demo, please.

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Project background 

The Silverlight Demo represents a flexible solution for statistics management with visual data representation, including data processing. This Silverlight sample was created with the power of NET 3.5(with LINQ), Silverlight 2 technology to compare MS Silverlight with the Flex technology, and to demonstrate a high level of professionalism of EffectiveSoft team.

Solution highlights 

The functionality of the Silverlight solution includes:

  • Online data representation and processing
  • Statistics view in the form of tables and chart
  • Data monitoring and management
Benefits for the customer 
  • Easy to integrate with AJAX, Web-Service, ASP.Net and other technologies
  • Rich graphical interface and wide range of visual components
  • Online data handling and representation
  • Interface of charts and diagrams is highly customizable
Project utilizes 

Total project development time: 48 hours
Lines of code: 1 413
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft Expression Blend 2
Technologies: .NET 3.5 Silverlight 2, LINQ


Click the image to view Silverlight Demo