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Portfolio Project - Semantic Tool Online

Semantic Tool Online (STOnline) is a proprietary tool for creating, browsing, and modifying the Ontology database, which is a part on the Ontology-based search engine.


The primary objective of the tool development was to automatize the work of linguists and lexicographers who develop a family of Intellexer products. Furthermore, STOnline is successfully used during the application development, where Ontology-based data structuring and search are required.

Solution highlights 

The STOnline is a web-based solution. It includes a set of modules for handling the Ontology database data in the proper manner. Access to either of the modules is provided by assigned user role and corresponding permission rights.


  • Administration
  • Dictionary
  • Ontology database management
  • Statistics
  • History log
  • Ontology import/export


  • Search synset
  • Search by word
  • Search by regular expression
  • Search by ID of synset
  • Operations on synset
    • Add new synset
    • Delete synset
    • Add word to synset
    • Editing of description, samples for synset
    • Add parent to existing synset
    • Delete parent
    • Change parent
    • Delete all parents
    • Add synset to deleted synset list
    • Add word from synset to deleted word list
  • Operations at the synset tree
    • Add new synset
    • Delete child branch
  • Ontology tree view
  • Change history log
  • Ontology import/export
  • Ontology export to "old" format
Competitive advantages 
  • comprehensive and sophisticated user interface 
  • powerful Ontology editor
  • suited for collaborative work
  • incredible and robust solution
Project utilizes 
Total project development time:
1+ years
Lines of code:
16 132 C#&ASP code;
approximately 4 000 SQL code

MS SQL Server 2000, MS Visual Studio.NET 2003, Power Designer

ASP.NET, JavaScript


Semantic Tool Online

Semantic Tool Online

Semantic Tool Online

Semantic Tool Online

Semantic Tool Online