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C# software development – Portfolio project

EffectiveSoft actively supports Universities and many IT students do practical work in our company and raise the level of their skills. TileGet Beta is one of the projects, created with by IT students under the direction of our managers. TileGet is a Beta version of C# demo, developed to train students, to demonstrate C # development skills and to add new software to portfolio. TileGet is distributed for free among users and our customers.

Project background 

Beta version of TileGet C# project was launched as a result of creative work and brainstorm. The main concept of this C# software is to browse up to 10 web pages in the form of pictures without opening Web browser. This demo project was written with such tools and technologies as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft .NET Framework and with the power of C# programming language.

Solution highlights: 

The functionality of the TileGet project:
  1. Displays up to 10 web pages as pictures
  2. Adds new web pages and updating them
  3. Selects web page and ranging it
  4. Moves (Drags and drops) web pages on your desktop
  5. Focuses on the image inside the picture area
  6. Web pages editing and deleting
  7. Adding and editing signatures

Project utilizes: 

Total project development time: 12 days
Lines of code: 2273
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1
  1. C# (WinForms) Programming Language