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Retail software development

If you have a brilliant idea, which can be realized as a software product, it may lead to a profitable retail software business. EffectiveSoft suggests you its rich experience in Retail software development, further support and maintenance of created software programs.

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Retail software development features:
You will probably face with a technical support problem while creating software solution for thousands users of the world. Retail software solutions must be developed according to the following principles to minimize spending:

1. Free Trial Period
Users will require an opportunity to try out the Retail software for free before buying it, and you have to make sure that Trial software is secure and users are not able to use it without activation Key after the trial period expiration.

Encoding of databases and license control system allows you to start earning money on your intellectual property.

2. The maintenance of strict quality standards
All software development processes must conform to the highest standards of quality (as ISO 9001 quality standard) to obtain maximum compatibility and stability of Retail software solutions.

Qualitative software product arouses less users' questions and complains.

3. Detailed Help System
Built-in Help system is essential to predict and to answer the majority of questions which users ask. EffectiveSoft’s technical writers create and design custom Help System for your needs.

Many users are accustomed to examine built-in Help system thoroughly.

4. In-line documentation writing
Technical writes create User Guide, Installation Guide, Users Manual and other documents. If you intend to sell products offline, these documents will be prepared for printing.

In-line documentation is a required condition for software sales according to the laws of many countries.

5. Extensive software product testing
The first users of your software project are EffectiveSoft's QA engineers. Their responsibilities include software testing in different systems, Load testing, GUI usability estimation, etc.

Creative QA professionals can significantly improve your software program even before the launch of its sales.

6. Online Community
An essential part of on-going support and maintenance during Retail software development process is to launch a website and forums dedicated to your programme, where users can find necessary information, share experience and submit a feed-back.

Users can solve the majority of problems independently, if you give them a chance.

7. Support and Maintenance
EffectiveSoft provides long-term support to all solutions created by our company.

Users may find some hidden defects in your software programme, and you’ll get a an opportunity to fix them quickly.

8. Product development and new versions release
To keep up interest in your Retail software and to make changes or add-ons, you should release new versions of it regularly. Long-term contract with EffectiveSoft will help to keep your Retail software updated with minimum costs and time.

Regularly updated software products are the most demanded.

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