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Information Security and Code Review

EffectiveSoft delivers security code review services to customers and ensures information security of their projects. The code review services by EffectiveSoft are aimed to find out all possible vulnerabilities and shortcomings in software applications, to mitigate risks and to eliminate architectural flaws. We perform source code audits for our clients by combining automated tools and manual code review.

The most common code vulnerabilities we detect:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Sensitive data
  • Buffer overflows
  • Undocumented public interfaces
  • Application Logic Flaws
  • Exception management
  • Code access security
  • Unsafe and unmanaged code
  • Threading and many more

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Security code review services by EffectiveSoft:

EffectiveSoft performs source code audits to find weakness in customer software project and to fix them. Secure software requires less updating through patches and the eliminating of code defects and vulnerabilities is much cheaper than fixing them after software release.

During code review we check for vulnerabilities mentioned above:

  • If source code meets business requirements
  • If code is written according to architecture or functionality design and coding conventions
  • Source code should not contain any logical errors, security and stability leaks
  • Performance bottlenecks, invalid inputs, malicious file execution
  • The level of code readability and maintainability
  • Scalability and flexibility of the code
We also offer:
  • Professional security code review services
  • Complementary consulting service
  • Recommendations on code quality enhancements
  • Support and maintenance

During independent code review process we mark architectural flaws and security vulnerabilities, moreover, EffectiveSoft experts make recommendations how to eliminate existing problems and to perform code refactoring. EffectiveSoft is inclined to improve the quality of the code by the best possible means.

Customer Advantages:

If you want to control the quality of your software and to get a secure software product without vulnerabilities, EffectiveSoft will provide you with impartial security code review to protect your solution.

Security code review by EffectiveSoft team brings significant benefits into customer projects:

  • To eliminate code defects before software release is 40% cheaper than fixing them afterwards
  • Secure applications need less updating through patches and less management
  • Effective protection from vulnerabilities and cyber attacks
  • Accurate software development at every stage of SDLS
  • Professional team of security experts and QA engineers
  • Avoid excessive code re-write costs after security code review
  • Get code review reports and improvement recommendations
  • Save time and decrease spending on flaws eliminating
  • Have your software protected and secure