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Microsoft Silverlight development

Contact Us EffectiveSoft company provides internet applications development using Silverlight, a new technology released by Microsoft. EffectiveSoft programmers offer development services for Silverlight cross-browser and cross-platform technology to create applications using .NET languages (C# or VB.NET) and JavaScript for Silverlight 1.0, and successfully apply .Net framework for developing web applications for Silverlight 2; our .Net developers create Silverlight Windows, Linux (Moonlight) and Mac OS-based web solutions for users, who run Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browsers for web surfing.

Silverlight development services:
  • Rich Internet Applications development (RIAs) with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Superior AJAX-based applications deploying and design
  • Integrating of Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications
  • Multimedia internet solutions development (custom video and audio albums and others)
  • Different web widgets development and customization
  • Web portals and web sites development with 2D animation and audio/video playback
  • We provide interactive Silverlight solutions for Windows mobile
  • Online games development and many other Silverlight-based development services

Benefits of using Silverlight development services:

EffectiveSoft offers special advantages to customers, who choose our MS Silverlight development services:

  • EffectiveSoft Microsoft certified professionals are skilled in developing cross-browser and cross-plug-in Silverlight applications
  • We successfully apply different technologies and programming languages (C#, Python and Ruby) to create custom Silverlight solutions for our client
  • Cost-effective and short-time development of software projects
  • Individual approach to every customer and professional team of .Net developers

Some words about Silverlight:

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser and cross-platform programmable plug-in for creating rich internet applications with audio and video playback, animation and vector graphics. Silverlight is supposed to be a competitor to such Adobe products as Flex, Flash and the JavaScript programming languages.