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Social networking software development and customization

Social networking is a famous Web 2.0 phenomenon; such social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace are growing every day and connect millions of users

EffectiveSoft’s social networking development services vary from consumer applications to complicated enterprise collaborative tools and include online social networks development, integration and customization of open source social networking platforms.

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Social networking development  

Some of social networking solutions delivered by EffectiveSoft company are mentioned below.

Social networking solutions we offer: Open source social networking CMS customization:
  • WordPress customization
  • Educational social websites
  • Wiki/Article social networks
  • Customized forums and blogs
  • E-commerce social networking sites
  • Photo Sharing and dating solutions
  • Business networks and startups
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace integration into client’s website
  • Social networking web design
  • Mobile social networking solutions
  • Drupal with Vote up/down module
  • Pliqq
  • Newscloud
  • Dolphin
  • Lovd by Less
  • PHPizabi
  • GetBoo
  • Elqq
  • AroundMe
  • Scuttle

EffectiveSoft Company is well known for custom Web 2.0 development, Ruby on Rails and social software development with advanced collaborative and multimedia functions.

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Support and content management services 

Any Web 2.0 project requires pre-moderation and content editing.
A team of skilled editors and technical writes of EffectiveSoft has solid experience in creating online encyclopedias, knowledge databases design and multimedia applications support.

Here you may find some examples of our projects.

You may use EffectiveSoft’s support and moderation services for created Web 2.0 solutions to keep them up to date and to stimulate the interest of users.

Why you need social networking development 

  • Social networking development is tailored to enhance customer websites and increase revenue
  • We create custom social networking software with advanced functionality and information sharing features
  • Affordable prices due to open source software networking platforms customizations
  • Hands-on social network solutions and featured social websites by EffectiveSoft team
  • Wide range of up-to-date Web 2.0 development services
  • EffectiveSoft streamlines business processes with innovative Web 2.0 technologies