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Software Development Company

If you think of starting your own software development company we recommend you to start from opening an offshore development center in EffectiveSoft. The offshore development center is a well-coordinated team of professional developers in our software development company. It is a dedicated community who complement your tasks remotely and act as required by your project requirements and business needs. Offshore development centers can perform a variety of services related to software development life cycle.

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Outline of business processes
  • Your offshore development center serves as your remote software development company. It can render services either for you and your company or for your customer that you present as a middleman.
  • You only need one manager to coordinate the work of your remote team. You can appoint a manager in your company or choose a manager from our staff.
  • We are ready to provide you the references of our customers who have chosen this scheme for their business and have been successfully cooperating with for a few years.
  • Communication process is smooth and prompt as all our staff members speak good English that allows you to communicate to any developer directly.
  • You enjoy the benefits of infrastructure that is ready to work. It includes premises, equipment, communication means, etc.
  • The business processes and document circulation in our company are up to the standards determined for software development companies worldwide (we are ISO 9001 certified) and can be easily integrated into your corporate system.
  • Upon your wish we can organize the process so that your customer will not even notice that you are using the capabilities of an offshore development center.
  • The great advantage for you is that you can order cost-wise software development and resell it to your customer at a much higher price.

Start up of a new software development company takes a lot of efforts and funds. There is no guarantee you will be paid back as the IT market appear to be very competitive and rapidly growing. By offering you an offshore development center as a replacement. We offer you a reasonable and up-to-date solution.

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